Driven by the zest to break conventions, our Chairman set out to penetrate the highest strata of the world of whisky to create a niche of his own, with the The Wild Tree whisky. Launched in the New Zealand, this exclusive range of grain whisky is now available across Europe, UK, USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Asia, selected Duty Free Shops and was recently introduced in the Malaysia and Myanmar markets.The Wild Tree, derived from a highly peated all malt whiskey, with strong phenolic character and oak base found in the best legendary whiskey.

Our philosophy of “Rare of the Rarest” is evidenced with our distillation and blending method under exacting standard.

This ensure that the essence of this whiskey authicenty is encapsulated in every bottle. It is a Master blenders’s gem of whiskey to be treasured.

The culmination of the graceful union of art with science, the Wild Tree whisky are made from a vigilantly watched process that starts with the mashing of grains, fermentation, distillation, maturation, vetting and finally bottling. The Wild Tree is non-chilled filtered and there are no additives.

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